Golden Barley Straw Pet Bedding

Golden Barley Straw is ideal bedding for rabbits and other small animals. The straw is a natural by-product of freshly harvested barley crop. This bedding is recommended for small animals because it is softer than wheat or oat straw and makes cosy, comfortable, warm bedding. Another great thing about this bedding is that is does not flatten easily and also smells fresh and sweet. Straw fluffs up to provide a warm natural bedding , healthy and hygienic The barley straw is also un-chopped to retain it's natural nutrition, but also to help maintain healthy teeth through chewing and make it more fun to burrow into.

We compress our bales for easier shipping.

All our Straw is baled approx 20kg

Our bales are approximately 4ft (long) x 2ft (wide) x 18 inches (high).